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John Adams
Episodes: 7
Original airdate: March 16, 2008 – April 20, 2008
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John Adams aired from March 16, 2008 to April 20, 2008.



Picture Title Number Original Airdate U.S. viewers
150px "Join or Die" 1 March 16, 2008
Boston: In the aftermath of the Boston Massacre - a deadly street confrontation between American colonists and an occupying British brigade - John Adams, a farmer/lawyer who has moved his family into Boston to establish his legal career, takes an unpopular stand by agreeing to serve as defense attorney for the accused British soldiers.
150px "Independence" 2 March 16, 2008
Following a fruitless session of the Continental Congress, a sabbatical at Adams' Braintree farm is disrupted by news of the attack on Lexington and Concord.
150px "Don't Tread on Me" 3 March 23, 2008
A new period of separation from Abigail looms when Adams is appointed Minister Plenipotentiary to France along with Benjamin Franklin.
150px "Reunion" 4 March 30, 2008
Convalescing in Holland, Adams learns of the British surrender to Washington at Yorktown. The Dutch, unwilling to part with their money during the war, now generously open their pockets to Adams and America.
150px "Unite or Die" 5 April 6, 2008
Elected America's first Vice President, Adams is scolded by Abigail for his vanity, and is frustrated by his exclusion from President Washington's inner circle.
150px "Unnecessary War" 6 April 13, 2008
Abandoned by Jefferson for retaining Washington's cabinet, President Adams holds firm on keeping the nation out of war, despite French aggression and pro-war sentiment among his advisors.
150px "Peacefield" 7 April 20, 2008
In retirement, Adams starts writing his memoirs, then endures a series of tragedies.

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