Ronald Reagan
Name: Ronald Wilson Reagan
Status: Deceased
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Appears in: 6 media

Ronald Wilson Reagan has been portrayed in 1 film, 1 television series (1 season, 1 episode) and 4 video games.

List of portrayalsEdit

No. Photo Actor Portrayed in Year Media Number of Times Portrayed by Actor
1 The Political Machine 2004 Video Game
2 The Political Machine 2008 2008 Video Game
3 The Political Machine 2012 2012 Video Game
4 Alan Rickman The Butler 2013 Film 1
5 Ronald Reagan played by Bruce Campbell in Fargo Bruce Campbell Fargo 2015 Television Series
(1 season, 1 episode)
6 The Political Machine 2016 2016 Video Game

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